Angel on the Riverbanks

So after the full day of shooting on location with David Ziser's Master's class I started mouthing off about light painting and they made me put the money where my flashlight was. This is Tarah posing for my good friend Rick Collins camera while I drew mirror images of the wings with love lights :) That was followed up by a hearty launch out of the frame while Jason Lykins tapped off a click or two from the SB800 flash!
Fun times. :)

Photographer Mondays At Krohn 5:30-7:30!

 Back at the Krohn for Butterfly Photographer Nights!
That's right, Monday nights until May 21st photographers can get into the butterfly show after the crowd leaves! If you are interested in photographing beautiful butterflies without all the hassle of the public. This is your event!
K&R Photographic will be there with lenses you can try before you buy! It's a great night for just a few dollars! 
 Here's a few I clicked off while volunteering last monday!
There were people there with 5D Mark IIIs and Iphones standing shoulder to shoulder enjoying the butterflies!  
 I felt pressured at the amount of off-camera and ring flashes that the photogs had, so i switched to the 60mm Macro :)

It's a great night! I'll see you there tomorrow!

Average IQ of the World about to go Up!

 Last weekend I was honored to be able to photograph my good friend Rigved and his beautiful bride Sudha! 
 And their new baby :) 
 Rigved and Sudha are some of the most friendly and inviting people ever! Rigved and I met working on a project for Johnson & Johnson company Ehticon Endo-Surgery. He designed a billing interface like you can't imagine, but enough nerd speak... these two are brilliant and awesome!
It was a great pleasure for Terri and I to preserve the moment for them!

David Ziser's LAST 5 day Master's Class (Spring 2012)

 Once again it was a pleasure to assist in another amazingly fun and educational Master's Class! 
 The class taught great theory but everyone really loved putting it in action and by Wednesday everyone of the attendees was creating masterpieces! I even made Cincinnati bad boy Jason Lykins step in front of the lens when we wore the models out! 
 As I mentioned, working at these master's classes with the James Brown of portraits, the hardest working man in weddings... Mr. David Ziser, is just plain amazing! And I'm not just saying that cause he pays me :)  
So it is with a tear in my eye that I present to you today the images from the final 5 day Master's Class.  
But to cheer you up let me tell you about the class and the models. Dawn, for example, is a beautiful and amazingly talented model. This woman is so elegant at movement and good at expression it is literally impossible to take a bad photo of her. She was a featured model at Westcott's Booth at the PhotoPro Expo, and Photoshop world in Washington DC. And her rates are really reasonable. Contact info below!

 Tarah was a lovely new addition to the model pool who brought sass and style to her groups portraits. 
And Anthony (when not swinging swords at the Westcott  lighting booth or marrying up to three models at his local church for our photogs, is a really awesome guy to hang out with and shoot the breeze. He told me his fiance (sorry ladies) is irritated that his "dressed up" is the above :) Having said that... he cleans up well Kristina!
 Our groups came up with all types of creative combinations for this class shootout at beautiful Ault Park.
 Dawn Rocking it once again. (Note that he has bobbed her professionally styled hair shoulder-length overnight to give two totally different looks. Total Pro)
 Michael and Sandy using some wide angle and reflected sun at the fountain!
 A demure Tarah
Anthony is so handsome in person that we even had a random lady in a dress, hat, and gold lipstick stop to tell him he was using his gift! 

This was a really fun time working with fellow instructors Eric Cameron and Jason Lykins, and of course a gigantic thank you to David Ziser for keeping me around! I hope I have met your approval sir! 
It was a pleasure working with you!

And for models: 

Scary Star Shaped Baby

 We're gong to file this one under the category of "Keeping your creative juices flowing!"
So when a friend brought a small creepily-overly excited looking baby in a red suit to the office, I thought: I have one of those! I brought it in the next day, and since it creeped out one of her co-workers SO much, we hid it in her things :)
Well ever since, the best thing in the world is to hide it for others to find... 
 And be scared of...
 and jump when they see her..
 She's gained quite the reputation :)

 There's already been 5 tiny books of images made with quotes like "Imma get you"
And "I'll see you in your dreams" 

So just when you thought it was safe to carry on normal business affairs... 

 Watch out for Star Shaped Baby
 She's climbing the corporate ladder and...
She's a back stabber... 
To be continued in print...

All Iphone 4 photos edited with Nik Software's Snapseed App!


Here's a little bit of stupid I put together for my good friend Mike D for his SCIENCE UN-FAIR intermission at one of the TEDx Events last weekend. :)

Scoping out Spring Among the Birthdays!

Well my dad's birthday was last Saturday, my birthday was Sunday, my grandma's birthday was yesterday, my wife's birthday is Tuesday and my baby's turns 1 Thursday! I'm just taking in spring!

This image is just about 365 days from last year, lots of change. 

Have a great week!