William and Megan's St Patrick's Day Wedding

 William and Megan's wedding was magnificent! 
William and Megan are some very dear friends from "back in the day when life wasn't so complicated" :) So Terri and I were thrilled that we could be there with them not only as guests, but we could add something special too!
The beautiful Megan!
The Anderson Center with all of it's fantastic architecture was the backdrop for the event. We had a slight fear of rain, but we got beautiful sun all day long!  
We even worked our way into the Anderson Center's theater for a handsome groom portrait.
Just love those steps! 
The short and elegant ceremony happened right out in the March air. The weather was beautiful, if a bit sunny at times! 
 Here's another view from the balcony. 
 Megan and William both brought impeccable taste and their own hilarious flair to the day and really made it a blast!
The Anderson Centers infamous west facing hill is always a stunning backdrop at dusk! 
 Ah St Patrick's Day!

Thank you William and Megan! 

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