Photographer Mondays At Krohn 5:30-7:30!

 Back at the Krohn for Butterfly Photographer Nights!
That's right, Monday nights until May 21st photographers can get into the butterfly show after the crowd leaves! If you are interested in photographing beautiful butterflies without all the hassle of the public. This is your event!
K&R Photographic will be there with lenses you can try before you buy! It's a great night for just a few dollars! 
 Here's a few I clicked off while volunteering last monday!
There were people there with 5D Mark IIIs and Iphones standing shoulder to shoulder enjoying the butterflies!  
 I felt pressured at the amount of off-camera and ring flashes that the photogs had, so i switched to the 60mm Macro :)

It's a great night! I'll see you there tomorrow!

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