042410 Jason and Lauren!

This weekend I had the fantastic privilege of photographing Lauren and Jason for their wedding reception

You may remember them from Finn's photoshoot earlier this year (warning Finn is too cute for words)!

Jason and Lauren are two of the most amazing people Terri and I have ever met!

If you are wondering how we pulled off these photos, click here...

Babies abound in our circle of friends!

We even managed to include a couple of free portraits during the evening, like this one for my friends Todd and Jessica.

But Jason and Lauren were the radiant focal points for the evening!

One thing I have to mention is that the lovely ladies at Lasting Impressions Weddings (Jill and Jessica) made the evening's events and decorations beautiful beyond words. If you are getting married in the near future give these wonderful professionals a call.

More victims for the free portrait project.

Despite the rain, the evening was judged a success by all who attended! (this shot Terri and I pulled off while I was sitting in our parked car with the window rolled down while Terri was leaning over the hood of our car holding her spare umbrella over the equipment.

041710 Photo Walkabout in Lebanon

I have been so jazzed up about being able to go out and take portraits that I recently organized an instructional photo shoot in historic Lebanon Ohio with photographer and craftswoman Carole Ingram.

Luckily two of my favorite models were available for the shoot, Emily and Kyle. Both of whom you have seen gracing the digital pages of this blog before.

Here's some of the small strobe lighting going on on some guys porch (we asked permission)! Super fun!

We were also joined by youth photographer Angela Weber, Terri, and the always saucy Mr. Damien Tepe. It was a really fun time and we got to try out some different types of techniques and lighting.

I have to mention once again that both Emily and Kyle are just spectacular as models. They have natural good looks, a great sense of fashion, and they know to pose. You just can't go wrong with that combination!

It's so easy...
All single wireless 580exii lit portraits.

And this lovely lady is Lebanon photog Carole Ingram, my partner in crime in assembling such a nice photo safari!

If anyone else is interested in going out on a photosafari with Terri and I please email me!

041610 Kat Bishop's Fashion Show

This weekend was pretty high ranking on the cool scale. In addition to the Lebanon shoot Terri and I also got to photograph a fashion show by up and coming fashion designer Kat Bishop.

As part of a local talent competition Kat designed four fantastic prom dresses!

By virtue of my wife being SO amazing that she attracts other amazing people, I became friends with Kat.

I was fortunate to have such a beautiful sunset just minutes before the ladies were to go on stage!

These portraits were lit with two 580EXII flashes.
One behind for rim one in front for key.

It was a fantastic show!

Email me if you are interested in Kat's dresses.

041510 The AMAZING Steph and the Abandoned Building!

The other day the amazing and beautiful Steph told Terri and I about this great photo shoot opportunity in this factory that was being demolished.
I, being the coward that I am, was more than a bit cautious regarding the two ton chunks of concrete perilously hanging by re-bar in this abandoned and also stinky environ.

Not so much the case for the girls.
Steph by the way has been nominated to queen of youthful vigor by the international panel on awesome.

Beautiful but deadly, like the hand lotions at bath and body works.

Terri, too, was undaunted by the hazards.

All of these portraits were taken with a single off camera 580 EXII.

Best photoshoot ever!

041110 Dallas's Superior Senior Shoot

This handsome gentleman is Dallas.

Dallas is my first senior portrait of the year and consequently with all that pent up winter photography frustration we ended up with a really diverse and awesome amount of shots!

And this is Best friend Nick.
The airborne hi-five - always a crowd fave!

I had a fantastic time! Thanks Dallas!