042410 Jason and Lauren!

This weekend I had the fantastic privilege of photographing Lauren and Jason for their wedding reception

You may remember them from Finn's photoshoot earlier this year (warning Finn is too cute for words)!

Jason and Lauren are two of the most amazing people Terri and I have ever met!

If you are wondering how we pulled off these photos, click here...

Babies abound in our circle of friends!

We even managed to include a couple of free portraits during the evening, like this one for my friends Todd and Jessica.

But Jason and Lauren were the radiant focal points for the evening!

One thing I have to mention is that the lovely ladies at Lasting Impressions Weddings (Jill and Jessica) made the evening's events and decorations beautiful beyond words. If you are getting married in the near future give these wonderful professionals a call.

More victims for the free portrait project.

Despite the rain, the evening was judged a success by all who attended! (this shot Terri and I pulled off while I was sitting in our parked car with the window rolled down while Terri was leaning over the hood of our car holding her spare umbrella over the equipment.

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