040710 Shhhhhhh Don't tell any one...

Last Wednesday, in an attempt to take advantage of the most beautiful weather in months I ran to Ault Park to scope out the territory for my senior portrait session later today. As you could have guessed the images turned out really well with such nice looking subjects and locations!

This is Keith Jones, musician from Detroit Michigan

Fantastic guitar player from what I heard.

This beautiful woman is Mandy.

She saw Jamie's photos we pulled off in 15 min and figured she'd see what would happen!

I think she looks great!

And of course the lovely Megan.

At this point Megan asked "Do I have to smile or can I make faces?" I said, you can do what ever you want! One of my favorite photos I've taken lately! It makes me laugh out loud!

The reason for the harsh shadow here is that my beautiful wife was off at school and I had to do all the lighting myself (or with the help of captured slaves!). Anyway, I had two 580EXII speed lights on stands and I was using a zumbrella on one for a diffuser. Halfway through the windy shoot the zumbrella caught lift and knocked over one of my flashes, luckily no casualties, but I took the umbrella off the key light when it got windy from then out. :)

All of these sessions took a little longer than usual because I had to move and adjusts the lights on the stands myself, but still a good time. Three portrait sessions in an hour and a half.

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