Matt and Ginny's Winter Wedding!

 My last wedding of the season was a wonderful winter affair!
 Matt and Ginny's wedding was magnificent! 
 We began the shoot at a historic mansion in Cincinnati for some elegant portraits!

 Ginny has the pleasure of working in the top floors of this beautiful building and she wasted no time showing Matt who was the boss here at her desk. :) 

 From the elegance of the mansion to the bustle and energy of Krohn Conservatory!
 My good friends at Krohn let us photograph at the only beautifully green and lush place in Cincinnati at the time!
But then, after a sweet ceremony complete with hand written poetry... it was time for a reception!! 
It was a wonderful wedding and Terri and I were grateful to be able to end a fantastic year with such a wonderful couple! Thank you Matt and Ginny! Sorry it took so long!

Christmas Miracle for Austin

 Our title is a little joke on the weather I think! December 15th Senior portrait shoot!! In a T and shorts! Now that's a miracle!
 Austin just showed up in his Maserati ready for a December showdown.
 Despite it being two weeks from Christmas and dark we managed to fake it. 

 15 min into the shoot it was all iso 1250 and 6th of a second shutter!

Thank you Austin, Matt, and Mrs Fry!!!
We really did pull off a miracle!

Some Art!

 These last few weeks have been wildly busy, so in light of that I took a little bloggin time off to post some neat stuff!

Sweet Little Viv

I get a lot of people asking me about Viv, so this week I thought I'd share a few "what's she look like now" photos :)

 That pretty much sums it up :)

Family Portraits!

This last few weeks I also got to meet brand new little Zoe!

And Zoe got to meet Santa! 

We round out the week with a musical yule tide from the Maley Boys!

Our Little Trip Out West

Like I always say, we check out each location for weddings in advance.

Well this time Google maps just didn't do a great job.

We ended up in a westerly part of northern Kentucky. 

Doesn't that look like a baby carriage? 

It was a lovely trip, but a phone call later (once the phones worked again) we headed back to civilization and the real location of our event :)

Happy Holidays!

2011 Krohn Conservatory 2011 Holiday Show

 I announced it at the beginning of November and I can finally share some of the super cool things you'll see when you go!

Check out this panorama of the whole Trains Trestles and Traditions Holiday Show!

 Woo hoo! I'm famous! :)

 This show is a really great place to spend an afternoon breathing in the jungle humidity or marveling at the mini-Cincinnati in the main room!

 My Free Portrait Wednesdays are over for the moment, but this awesome show will go on until the end of December, check it out!

I even got to see my good friends Jason and Emily!

Colleen and Peter will be happy!

 One of the things I really enjoy about getting orders from my clients is seeing what they choose as their favorites, and wondering how missed them!

This variation on a theme was from the magnificent wedding of Peter and Colleen!

TEDx Women's Conference!!

Once again through good fortune and hard work I was lucky enough to document a fantastic event for a wonderful group of people! The

 For those of you that aren't familiar with TED click HERE, TED is about bringing innovative, creative, inspiring, and empowering ideas to a mass audience for the betterment of mankind! Pretty cool, right? 

This conference was only different in one respect, the wonderful Jami Edelheit and host, Carla Walker (above) geared the magnificent night primarily towards women!

 For a list of the inspiring presenters checkout the TEDxWOMEN website here!

One of the best treats came right after the food!


 All ladies, of course. It really tied the whole thing together I think!

 You could say it burned the message of the evening into our minds :) (Cheese alert)

 I loved it! I was excited to put what I learned in Cancun last January to use! Not often you get to photograph Fire Dancers in Ohio!

(Also fire eaters :) 

Check out more about TED, TEDx, and TEDxWOMEN below!