012608 Salvage and More

A couple from the Krohn Shoot i rescued from a disc.

My wife photoshopped this and it is way better than my version. I am jealous.

Since I don't have children you'll have to suffer through pictures of us torturing the dog periodically.

Both of these are that Color Swap technique that is on the Canon elf cameras. Totally funny and fun.

012608 Walk the Moon shoot

Classic 60s band photo #1

Classic 60s band photo #2

I also had a fun shoot with the guys from Walk the Moon (formerly wicked in the Mix). You can hear their music here.

RIP Main Hard Drive and all it's Info

The "put the hard drive in the freezer and then try it" trick failed today. I have no more options aside selling my kidneys to have professionals rebuild it.


I'll show it whose crashed.

My harddrives crashed sunday morning 6:30am. I lost all my most recent stuff.
Lesson: Buy an external hard drive and back up nightly. Also burn dvds. Backup all apps.

011808 Sky and Water

I was looking through old photos and decided to post some from my wedding trip.


To know him is to love him. Kris Rekers remains my hero.

Any guesses what it is?

All of north Ohio looks like this.