TEDx Women's Conference!!

Once again through good fortune and hard work I was lucky enough to document a fantastic event for a wonderful group of people! The

 For those of you that aren't familiar with TED click HERE, TED is about bringing innovative, creative, inspiring, and empowering ideas to a mass audience for the betterment of mankind! Pretty cool, right? 

This conference was only different in one respect, the wonderful Jami Edelheit and host, Carla Walker (above) geared the magnificent night primarily towards women!

 For a list of the inspiring presenters checkout the TEDxWOMEN website here!

One of the best treats came right after the food!


 All ladies, of course. It really tied the whole thing together I think!

 You could say it burned the message of the evening into our minds :) (Cheese alert)

 I loved it! I was excited to put what I learned in Cancun last January to use! Not often you get to photograph Fire Dancers in Ohio!

(Also fire eaters :) 

Check out more about TED, TEDx, and TEDxWOMEN below!


Krista Neher said...

Thanks for taking awesome photos at the event! It was wonderful meeting you and we will definitely stay in touch!!

Jami Edelheit said...

You did a fantastic job at the TEDxCincinnatiWomen's event. I really liked how the pictures that you took were wirelessly sent to a slide show on the spot for everyone to enjoy. Pretty cool!