Erik's Photoshoot

This is my friend Erik.
I told him he looked kinda like Ian Anderson, but I'm changing my opinion to more like the year 1972 in general.

This guy is awesome, the more we talked, the more we had in common.

Skateboarding, bass guitar, punk rock, having cool parents, we had a similar past. It was a pleasure to create such personal and really cool images for his senior portraits!

For everyone of the seniors that we photograph every session is unique.

This is the symbol for Erik's band which he told me was a pirate pumpkin, but I never caught the name.

After the obligation of the formal "portraiting" was over Erik and I got to the business of creating something extra different! First we have an over the top board slide...

and finished with a fog machine studio rockstar shot (with the setup from "Long Live Rock" Erick is THAT cool!)
Thank you Erik for letting us hang out on a Saturday afternoon! Keep rockin!


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