...A What Test? Can't you See I'm Working?

A series of coincidences and proclivities (and co-workers) talked me into a mistake yesterday.
Lets see how many of you emailees look at the blog.


Diana said...

It was the Turducken..

Marshall said...

Okay, I'll bite. What landed you in the hospital? (I'm assuming from Diana's statement that you have tried a Turducken. How did it taste?)

Marshall said...

Nevermind that parenthetical part. I got a little ahead of myself and posted before actually reading through the post about you actually having the Turducken and you awe-inspiring comment about it being a 25 lb. beast of pure flavor and zero bones. I still want to know what landed you in the hospital, assuming it wasn't something with the Turducken (being that you mentioned that your stomach hurt for 2 days).