112808 TURDUCKEN!!!!!!!! (Great People I Know)

These two "Great People I Know" are Marc and Mike.
Former and occasional Ziser (www.digitalprotalk.com) assistants,
and Turducken-masters.

Mike's speciality is being excited about eating things... I guess.

And mighty fine he is at it.

Good job Boys!

This is the legendary beast! 25 lb of pure flavor and zero bones!

Oh yes, it was good. My chest hurt for two days though.

It was a regular ol' Ziser assistant reunion there!
Left to right - Marc, Nicholas, Angela, DAZ, Mike
www.digitalprotalk.com (for David)

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1 comment:

Michael said...

Who are those handsome devils?

It was great seeing you again, Nick. I'll let you know when I'm heading into town again.

Next year: Wrapped in bacon. Or another turkey.