121008 JNath (Great People I Know)

This is Jnath. Lately he has been creating ceramics that expand when fired. I featured them here a while ago. I thought for a while about a cool way to feature him with them. I think this works.

He also made this duct tape wallet (i think for himself) in 1994 WAY before duct tape wallets were common. I have been carrying it around for 14 years. JNath has always been one of those people on the cutting edge (Check out his wedding rings). Everyone who knows him will agree he is probably one of the most intelligent people on the earth. Currently he is refurbishing the wallet so it still looks terrible, but doesn't leave a gummy film in my pocket.

I have known JNath for the better part of 15 years. In high school he and I used to sit underneath the desks in physics class on Mondays and complete all the homework for the week, then fill the class time with our own projects (like the laser and mirrors). We helped the teacher figure out why her math didn't add up to the answer in the teacher's guide more than once.
I am really thankful to know Nathan. He is an amazing person.

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