053009 Dry Ice ( FROZEN BUBBLES!!!!)

I asked you all on facebook what I should take pictures of next and Eric Bower (Computer Guru) responded "Frozen Bubbles!" and I said YES!

Everyone knows there's lots of fun things you can do with dry ice.

Like this!

Most obvious is that you can make fog.

But did you know that since carbon dioxide is heavier than air they make bubbles float or freeze?

Yes that's right!

Here's a bunch of photos I have taken with the aid of CO2.

Plus you can do some pretty cool things with hot water and lights!

Like this photo.

More importantly, Eric asked for frozen bubbles.... and here they are!

When the bubbles touch the dry ice they freeze and shatter.

When you try to pick them up they melt and shrink!

But frozen they look like this!

There you have it! You asked for it on facebook and I delivered!!!
Frozen Bubbles!!!


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Gene Lee said...

Very cool Nicholas! At first I thought, whats this? Then, yeah, right, move on, nothing to see here. But, you sucked me in with the quarter on ice video and again with floating bubbles. I've never seen that before (yes, I had a deprived childhood).

I love colorful macro bubbles (Mc'Bubs). There is an ethereal mood with these ephemeral subjects.