050909 Nat and Kiki (B is B) Great People I Know

Disclaimer this week: These images
look 10 times more amazing large.

Please take the time to enlarge them.
Nat and Kiki are on this blog so much they
are about to get their own Keywords!
The latest in the series called "Great People I know" are the dynamic duo Nat and Kiki. Aside being very photogenic people, Nat and Kiki are just awesome. For example...

They have no problem having fun.
In fact, they prefer it. I admire that.

There is narry a boring moment while hanging out with them.

What sign?

A sense of style and poise, too.

Is this not an amazing photograph?
Click on it right now, it's Beautiful!
I have developed a new process for a
"bleach by-pass" effect this week.
I hope you like it.

And finally on the suggestion of fellow Minneapolis photographer Ben Zvan, I took the magnificent couple to this remote outpost for a far beyond average on location shoot.

Truly outstanding representation of some outstanding people. Any good photographer will tell you that the quality of the photograph is dependent as much on the subjects as the photog.

Thank you Kiki and Nat for enriching my life
and the life of my wife (hey that rhymes)!
You are Great People I Know.


Lara Parent Photography said...

Great couple, location and light. Liking the processing and dig #4 and the 2nd from the last one a lot.

Allan Jackson said...

You're right about that picture of Kiki in the ruined building. It is a great shot. I don't suppose you'd care to share details of your bleach bypass effect, would you?? Pleeze!