052609 Welcome!

Welcome guests, I am anticipating quite a few of you are going to be coming from the guest blog post at www.digitalprotalk.com.

To facilitate your viewing enjoyment I have created buttons in red at the top right of this blog. Click the style or type of photo you are most interested in seeing and the blog will reorganize itself for you, or scroll through for a chronological arrangement of my portraits, experiments, and mischeif!
Don't forget to add me as a friend on flickr and facebook!

Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my ever growing list of blogs! nice one mate,sure will read some more of your past posts when time allows.

Heather said...

Just wanted to stop by & say hello! I'm a loyal digital pro talk follower & really enjoyed your post! Looking forward to hearing more of your ideas! I'm just getting started & very budget conscious so your post was like gold! oh yeah thanks for the buttons.