An Awesome Couple: Teddy and Nikki

It's been a while since I've posted any great people I know posts. And Imma go ahead and give Teddy and Nikki the title again. 
Teddy and I have been trying to connect on some projects for the last two years or something! He's always flying off to some part of the world to do something crazy like video shoots, business deals, recording a record with his bands, or backpacking across Europe. I on the other hand am usually working one of my 13 jobs. So I was ecstatic when the stars aligned and we got together with the beautiful Nikki for some lovely and awesome portraits at  Krohn Conservatory and Teddy's Vintage Clothing Store, Casablanca!  
 Teddy and Nikki are wonderfully real, kind, people. 
I first met Teddy when we worked together at Inclusive Solutions. And I met Nikki at "Taste of Blue Ash" way back in 2008.
I was really happy when he met Nikki. They work great together! They are both people that leave you feeling great. I wish we could hang out more. 
plus... they're both kinda nuts. Which is really fun. ;) 
Family Portrait!
    Love you guys! 
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