Photo Pro Expo 2013!!

Some highlights from Photo Pro Network's Photo Pro Expo 2013!
With the biggest tradeshow in the midwest this convention has EVERYTHING a photographer could possibly need!!
Including educational and inspirational talent, like Kevin Kubota above!
And the amazing Lou Freeman
I am just not able to post all of the fantastic speakers at PPN this year, cause you'd stop looking at the blog after 50 images or so...  I'll post what I can!
In addition to the education from the speakers the Photo Pro Network also has one of the best print competitions with really great judges too! You can learn a lot from that also! 
My lovely friend Natalie! 
Freaking with Kevin! 
 And when Eric Cameron and I weren't TOTALLY EXHAUSTED from the 16 hour work days and 4 hours of sleep, we played around with all the photo toys we could get our hands on!
My glamour shot by Eric in our half hotel room, oh yea... livin it up. 
Workflow machines Kent and Sarah Smith.  
My good friends Kate and Jason Higdon continued their trend of winning more awards than they could even carry this year. I think they even brought an assistant to help carry them all.
And the cutting of the ribbon by the big guys, Randy Fraley, David Ziser, and Tim Walden! 
Mr. Rick Sammon at the Westcott Lighting fantasy shoot with Natalie! 
I'm telling you this was an all out life changing event for photographers! And if you haven't seen Zach and Jody Gray yet, click here!
 Like I said, when we weren't totally wiped out Eric and I even managed to take some photos for the wonderful (and adventurous) KT. 
And of course, the man who illegally drove through 3 feet of snow to grace Cincinnati with his presence and wit. . . Joe McNally!
What a great guy and a source of inspiration.   
And EVERYONE knew it!
Photo Pro Expo is the BEST possible use of photographer money, not just for the inspiration and gear you can get in one place, but for the fun and the networking too! If I don't see you next year or at PPN summerschool, I'll assume you aren't serious. ;) 

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