So this is a week old news, but it took that long to recover! I have just finished a wonderful wedding for my friends Scott and Greta! But before I can post about that I have to ask you to save the date for next year at the Midwest's Largest Professional Photographer convention,  PhotoPro Expo 2013! 
PhotoPro Expo 2012 hosted photographers from 25 states and Canada – the first time ever a regional convention had such a geographic diversity!
And it was easy to see why... 
 Speakers of all different styles, goals, processes, and psychologies gathered in Northern Kentucky and set it on fire!
The Weavers (Jason and Rebecca) drew large crowds Friday morning!
Check out the Weavers and my good friend Eric Cameron Cheesing it on the red carpet!
There were so many talented presenters there but I have to pause for Sarah Petty. Sarah is the kind of person you would like to hang out with! A background in marketing with Coke and an eye for detail and light, Sarah is a dynamo in photography and is constantly helping the photo community improve and have a self respect! Click this Link! Sarah Petty The Joy of Marketing. 

Uncomfortable prom photo at the step and repeat!!! See what i mean! ;)
This man as well, Jerry Ghionis, is a magician. It's real magic and it really works and he explains it in plain Australian! I don't want to give it way but this man got a standing ovation of over 550 people Saturday. Then taught an extra special class on Monday. Jerry couldn't turn event photography on its ear more if he were just injecting money into photographers' arms (which he kinda does). :) You should really see him live!

Kirk Voclain! Another gentleman you would want to invite over! I have to say that I imagined Kirk would be a silly man from his photos, but this man isn't silly he's crazy like a fox! Kirk runs a lean studio that makes everyone happy! YOU MUST SEE THESE PHOTOS.  <-- If we could implement the presentation technique Kirk teaches at we could all buy Hasselblads just ask fellow presenter and former president Skip Cohen. But as a joke to Kirk I'll say Harleys. 
 And then there was the trade show! Everything you could need from stands to little hats for babies, from software to hard lights! And people to show you how to use it too! It was amazing and PACKED!
 Here we see super-genius Florida portrait artist and instructor, Rick Ferro, getting a bit carried away!
Check this out, If you want to prove your gallery wraps and backlight wall portraits are high quality and durable you have to go no further than the people at RediPix. I'm convinced. 

There were too many really wonderful presenter this year, Syl Arena for one! and I apologize for leaving some out but you can see the full post on David's blog Digital Pro Talk right here!

(Some of the movers and shakers at the Photo Pro Network)

And finally I wanted to thank all the people that helped out and put forth the titanic effort that it takes to plan, execute, and maintain such a valuable creation!!! 

Remember next year is Feb 7-11th!

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