Steph's Photowalk!

 Once again the habit of befriending awesome people pays back 10 fold! 
Terri says I post too many photos and I'll just warn you that I did here. But hey, photo-walks are fun :) 
 This Saturday Terri and I joined Steph, Seth, Rachelle, and Adrienne on a wonderful photo-walk adventure around their house and neighborhood!!
 Seth at one point found this sweet gun :)
 The fantastic Rachelle!
The lovely Adrienne!
 We all found cameras of various types and pointed them at whatever caught our eye!
 We started with a survey of the property...

That is until we found our that Rachelle was an amazing fashion designer! We even hear that she makes a lot of the fabulous frock for Foxy Shazam! 
Here Adrienne models one of Rachelle's eye-catching combos!  
 Then we were off to the photowalk! 
 Northside is one artsy place. 
Very artsy.  
 And secret spy planes. :)
 Very artsy

It was an amazing afternoon. Thank you everyone for being delightful and letting us to hang out!

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