Scott and Greta's Beautiful Evening!

 It is with great pleasure that I bring to you the images of the wedding of Scott and Greta! Two fun and warm people! Scott LOVES the Beatles, so we had to combine Greta's composite idea with the Abbey Road cover theme :) I've said before that I try to do something new at every wedding and this is our attempt for Scott and Greta!
This whole wedding was beautifully designed by Greta herself!
 I love this image for it's spontaneity! 
 The beautiful Greta!
Emily and Sammy were really happy for dad too :) 
 The reception of this fantastic celebration was at the Women's Art Center in Mariemont 'The Barn"
 This evening was perfect! There was even a little softly falling snow!!!!

And one of the best parts... the infamous TWIG, Scott's band, played a rocking soulful set for Greta and the guests!!
 Sammy proves it was jammin!
And a combo image with our crystal ball and our back-lit technique to round out the coverage! 
This was one of the most fun events for our team to cover! 
With me this time was not only my wonderful wife Terri, but also the wonderful Meg Koabel! Thank you ladies! 

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