Miscellaneous Post: It's been a while!

(I love making these)
Hello Friends! I am still recovering from Mike and Anu's awesome wedding last night so this weeks going to be a catchall from the last few months. I get to see a lot of cool stuff that isn't related to the particular shoot I'm on at the moment so I usually snap a photo and keep working... well this post has some cool stuff that happened along the way. :) Enjoy!

Viv's first attempt at Easter Eggs.

 This sculpture in the Covington Courtyard Mariott made me laugh a lot. It looks like a cheese coney. Seen at Seth and Emily's Wedding.

You know this guy is a hard worker. 

IR basketball 

 Love this miniature shopping cart full of potatoes :)


 There's an angle you don't normally see... for good reason.


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