061711 Macgyver It

I'm pretty proud of myself for this one. :) When I arrived at Krohn Conservatory for the Butterfly Show Volunteer Party I set up my light stand and quantum Qflash in the event room where we had planned. When I talked to even coordinator, Patti, we decided that it would be a good idea to have a station for portraits in the main jungle room while people arrived. But what to do?!? I only brought 1 stand and OJ Santiago wasn't scheduled to assist for another 30 min!

Well first off, I should have brought another stand. But more importantly, I DID remember to bring duct tape!! That's right, but didn't just rudely duct tape my 580EXII to a palm tree or a passing butterfly, NO! We are professionals!

I duct taped it to the easel for my advertisement, and concealed the whole thing with the poster!

Having only brought 1 Zumbrella, what did I use for a diffuser? A handkerchief! It provides just enough diffusion to create well lit portraits like below.

This is what the whole set up looked like! No one could see the ugly flash and hanky setup. They just saw beautiful portraits when they were finished!

Check out the post above for the event room portraits!

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