052511 Promotional Shoot with Carleigh

(Ok ok, well maybe the 85 1.2 has got something going for it.)

Last weekend when the horrible photographer ruining rain streak subsided I was lucky enough to have Ms. Carleigh agree to go out for a promotional shoot I was doing! I also used the opportunity to play around with the Canon 85mm 1.2, 50 1.4, and 70-200 2.8 lenses.

(70-200 2.8)

The beautiful Carleigh came down to downtown Blueash with her equally lovely aunt Holly and we picked out some golden portrait locations amongst the brick and asphalt.

So the promotion, for only $150 you or someone you love can get amazing portraits like these!

One of my favorite outtakes from the first image. F 1.2 is tough to get right on. The focus is off but it's still cool.

(85 1.2)

(50 1.4)


This is the image we decided to use because it looks most striking as a thumbnail. Please see our market place ad on facebook, or email me directly if you are interested in taking advantage of this heck of a deal!

I can't thank you enough Carleigh! These are wonderful!

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Love the thumbnail pic!