052011 Casey and Jessica! Part II!

So the whole story is that when Casey and I got together last week we had two major issues. . .

#1. The website for the Clermont County Parks and Recreation website is confusing. And #2. when we made it to our destination an over zealous park volunteer literally chased us out of the park in a van! It was crazy! I'm glad to say that when I offered to finish the shoot for the amount of time we had agreed upon, Casey was all about it!

This time she brought the lovely Jessica with her and off we set!

Casey, Jessica, and I checked out several of the best spots in some of our favorite parks while my lovely wife, Terri, and Vivian strolled. :)

We also got to use the cool recycled picture frame in a pic in pic way that was fun.

We really had a pretty good time just goofin off and taking portraits :)

Thanks again for letting me take your photograph ladies!

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