The Beautiful Wedding of Mike and Hillary

The beautiful couple you see before you in the under growth are Mike and Hillary.

Both amazing people separately, Mike and Hillary joined in the promise of holy matrimony last Saturday in one of the most beautiful weddings Cincinnati has ever seen.

The beautiful bride awaiting her groom.

Mike and Hillary are loving, kind, patient, and creative. They are the kind of people you want to be around. They make you feel good, and the wedding was a celebration of that warmth.

I was particularly excited to photograph this wedding with my most talented partner and wife, Terri. A master of available light, Terri spent most of the night sniping candids from the event to delight our special friends.

The entire event was coordinated and honed by wedding planner Diana Hisey from EDI Events and master floral designer Patti with whom I worked at my tenure at Ford Ellington.

It was the only beautiful day all week, with beautiful people, at a beautiful wedding, at a beautiful location. How could we go wrong?

Congratulations Mike and Hillary!!! We love you!

(tilt shift at the ceremony by Terri V)

Heartwarming moments - Check!

Heartfelt toasts - Check!

Thank you DeMaria and Helm families for letting Terri and I be part of your magnificent day!!

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