Modern Day Pin Up Calendar - Part 2

So here's the second half of the year ladies and gentlemen! I'm quite proud of the image above, I think this session was my favorite of the calendar. Thinking about it now, it's probably because we got a real stunt bi-plane to pose with, and I eventually got to chase it around the sky thanks to Andy and Tico!

In some cases budget and time just didn't allow for the full blown concept we had so we pulled inspiration from the flat minimalist backgrounds of american painter Gil Elvgrin. (The fire pole here is a broken lamp :)


This shoot was a scream. Sorry. Anyway, really it was taken the same night as July above, but it was about 20 degrees outside with wind. It was a really fun shoot and the cold just made us work more efficiently. :)

Once again, all of these images are for a really thoughtful and stylish gift for my friend's husband. Thank you SO MUCH Tina and Danny for letting me share these. This whole project was ultra fun. Tina and I had to coordinate this elaborate plot while Danny was at work so it would stay a surprise (and it took several months)! ...and Danny, I'm so glad you didn't find Tina's phone with messages like "We can't do it tonight, Danny stayed home sick." and come try to kill me. :)

If you are interested in creating a timeless masterpiece for you or someone you love please don't hesitate to call. It doesn't even have to be a calendar, it could just be a beautiful portrait.

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This is awesome, love it!!