Gem and Mineral show!

(This is a resin ring with real flowers inside. NOTE: Not a rock)

I love collecting rocks. In fact, my entire house is filled with them. Each summer and fall the Sharonville Convention Center hosts a gem and mineral show and Terri and I can't resist it!

This show was strange because, despite the name of the annual convention it is now mostly beads. :(

Luckily the remaining gem and stone vendors are high quality! (They were where we traditionally spend most of our money each year anyway.)

This trip was extra fun because we brought friends and family to join in the geological nerding.

This rock reminds me of my sister Julie who was sporting some rainbow hair her boyfriend Keifer was quick to point out is the same color pattern as "those duster things." Well played.

Since I've taken so many photos of the spoils of the continuous trips to the gem and mineral show I wanted to photograph the stones in a fun way. I hope I achieved it. :)

(This is the boring old studio full light on seamless way)

Fool's gold!

I really love vivid color. Especially blue.

More posts about rocks?

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