Autumn's Steaming Summer Shoot!

Autumn is super awesome. We braved a heat index of 102 at 6 o' clock to saunter around the finer parts of downtown Cincinnati Ohio for some beautiful senior portraits!

My beautiful wife Terri and I chose one of our favorite locations on the west side of downtown for it's complimentary textures and diversity of classic architecture.

It's nice to be able to get vintage images like this...

And then a block later look like you're swimming in a meadow of wildflowers in the middle of downtown...

And end up in the posh contemporary section. :)

(this image is fabulous.)

Breaking from my normal strobist style, here's a few available light images with my sigma.

Autumn looks great in every one of these! And it's hard for me to believe she wasn't sweating considering it was SO HOT! I was drippy in the near 100 degree heat, but Autumn kept it cool. Amazing!

Thank you Autumn for letting me take your portraits!!!

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