I'm on International Television...

but not how I expected! Photo - Sorta - Stolen!!
So, Above is an image I took in 2007 while camping in Hocking Hills. The cool thing about it is when I was editing my photos from the trip, I was lightening this one and noticed a figure standing in the Moonville Tunnel. Now this situation might not have been that extraordinary either if it weren't for the fact that there was no one in the tunnel when I took the picture and the Moonville Tunnel is haunted!
So I sent the image to the HauntedHocking.com people hoping they might like to use it (which they did). Hocking Hills is a beautiful place and if ghost tourism is getting people to enjoy nature I'm for it. Then February 2010 some producers from California call me to try to license the image for the show "A&E's My Ghost Story." I retain owner ship and get credit, no money, but the advertisement would be nice, right? So I agreed. They even mentioned flying me out to California or some such nonsense. All this is contingent upon if it all goes through.
Last I hear of it until more producers call me this week asking to use the image again... New deal sweet!
I once again agree and this time even make a little cheese (if it goes through of course)! Then they calling me back saying their copyright or some department found my image actually aired last October on My Ghost Story!! Well that's pretty cool, right?
When my image is featured, and it is featured! This guy is on camera talking about the Tunnel. Then he says "In one image I took..." and my image flashes up full screen again. :( That can ruin your day.(Nice orange rim light, too)

What's worse, when I called the producers, the person I had initially talked to was shocked and looked into it. When I got a call back it was from a suspiciously stern woman who, in short, gave me the answer "I didn't edit the piece, these things happen, Sorry." in the least sincere delivery possible.
Sure, they agreed to add my credit to the show, but I'm not holding my breath.
So as shocked as I am I'm lucky I didn't lose my cool, but really... I don't have a TV and if this one thing was going to make or break me, I have bigger problems. I didn't even find out they used it for 9 months. :)
So instead I told her I wasn't looking for vengeance and I wasn't some Ohio goon threatening to drive to LA and poison her poodle, I just wanted the credit due for my work. I also suggested she send word up the chain of command that their business practices were shady at best and I didn't appreciate their bait and switch tactics (this is where she once again informed me that she had not edited the program).
Class act I must say (<--- this is sarcasm)
It's my belief that the guy on the show was in no way responsible. I think my photo is super crazy though, I even sent them an enlargement which they flash up as well in the show. It was just the strongest image, so while the other fellow is on camera talking about his image of the motion blur thing, my image is on the screen. :( Now, while they did have license to "juxtapose the material" any way they saw fit, I can hardly believe that is what people are imagining reading those words. And if that's really the legal definition we're all #&@%'ed.

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My image is featured at 30:24.
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Could be worse though, I could be this guy...

The Stolen Scream: A Story About Noam Galai from FStoppers on Vimeo.


Karen(: said...

Oh wow. That was an interesting video. I loved it, but it was sad. I'm sorry the guy took credit for your picture. What channel on television did you see the show, 'my ghost story'? I'd guest Syfy lol. Very cool picture though! I thought the axe murder story was the most interesting.

Karen(: said...
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