Modern Day Pin Up Calendar

(Thanks Tom and Ann P. for use of your pool!)

It all started about a year ago. Tina had a fantastic idea to surprise her beloved husband (and awesome fireman stud) Danny!! A modern day pin up calendar!!!

So, Tina is a genius. She had most of the concepts well thought out by the time we started production. All I needed to do was create the image that she had constructed. It was a great team. With the help of my wonderful wife Terri and master automotive photographer OJ Santiago, the whole calendar was a joy to create!

This is actually Danny. We snatched a few images from their engagement session for the calendar when December started creeping up on us :) But with the shamrock dress we thought this would be a fine March.

(April Showers)

Look for some awesome outtakes from some of these sessions in the future!

(One of my favorites from the engagement session! That's Ella, the family dog. :)

This is only half of the images used for the Calendar. The other half will be posted soon!

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