An Afternoon with the Outstanding Olivia!

Sometimes it just clicks.

That was the case for Terri and I when we got to go out on a sunny flower safari with Ms. Olivia!

She said she was nervous at first, but from the start she was lovely, elegant, and a dream to work with!

Terri and I picked out two locations with some really awesome diversity to make sure Olivia's senior portraits wold be the best!

She even rounded out the location pool with this AWESOME sunflower field!


I told her on the shoot, and I'll say it again. You just can't take a bad photograph of Olivia!

From every angle, we found the most beautiful places to pose with petals around Blueash OH!

Thank you SO MUCH Olivia and family! The pleasure was all ours! Please try not to make your friends too jealous!

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kaseycole said...

These are great. Olivia is such a sweet and natural person, and you really captured that here. Nice job!