Jim and Stephanie's Wedding Celebration!

Two weeks ago Terri an I captured treasured moments for a very special couple, Jim and Stephanie.

We met the beautiful bride in the hotel suite to document the day!

Stephanie seeing herself as a bride for the first time. :)

Stephanie was wonderful to work with, her bubbly personality and jovial family were a spectacular highlight of the day!

Here brother John L III and mom get ready to walk down the aisle.

Jim defends our country in the Navy and instead of flower girls the lovely couple changed it up with 3 flag bearers. (sure they had the rings too :)

Stephanie loves pink! From the icing in the cake to the fountain at the reception, to the shoes on her feet. The pink accents were perfect!

The handsome Jim finally gets to spend some time with his beautiful wife!

The wedding party was impressive, 8 on both sides! To celebrate the wedding Jim, Stephanie and the whole gang took a party bus up to Miami University where the couple met! It was a blast!

Posing for a quick second in the shade, one place we HAD to go to was the Arch!

And anyone who went to Miami will no doubt recognize Skippers restaurant, another must!

It was a beautiful wedding!

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