Rekers Birthday Bash 2011 Hat-Stravaganza!

Once a year a celebration of titanic proportions consumes Cincinnati and or a nearby suburb... That celebration happened yesterday.

(After a quick briefing near the lady squeezing geese statue in Mainstrasse the group took to the hats and nearby bars to unleash total carnage!)

Kris Reker's Birthday Bash, and this year... social experiment HAT-STRAVAGANZA!

RK Highlander gets up ramming speed early on!

I'm sporting the Victorian style here at the beginning. BUT! The rules stated that everyone stay in character and that hats would randomly switch through out the night!

Roger, you're coming in loud and clear!

And then we sang happy birthday to the evil genius!

Suspiciously Sara enters the group of parading weirdos.

(me after the first hat switch!)

I can't imagine why.

I love Danny and Mike! But more importantly we all love Kris.

This year's turnout was tremendous! At one point someone mused that it was awkward not being able to tell which people at the bars were with our party and which were just hipsters in hats. :)

After the first couple of switches the characters got very interesting!

(Bye bye bunnie ears)

And the knit cap was the "Hat Burglar" and could take any hat he/she wanted and leave you to turn to a life of crime as well!


Danny gets down to business.

Who let this guy out?

I created this really dreamy quality with all the images by keeping my shutter speed at 1/6th of a seconds and let the flash expose my subjects while i moved the camera.

And I played Andy Worhol-Einstein at one point.


The witnessing of some off camera horror no doubt!

Possibly this :)


This is the best example of the background blurring. I think it's really cool because the whole night was kinda in motion like that.

J'nath might actually BE batman.

Got the ears back!

For a short time we partied with Al Jourgensen.

Go Rekers go!

And dance!

And things got all weird... like they should, and can only when your with one of the most original and exciting people the world has ever laid it's tired eyes on.



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