082110 NERO LARP!!

If you don't know what that means, I'm not talking to you any way. :)
This year OJ Santiago, Terri and I were invited to preserve one of the most interesting events we've ever seen.

Every year this group gets together to act out their characters in an epic battle. It's pretty crazy. Let me tell you that walking into their camp was just like the portrayals of the white people being led into the indian camps in all those western movies! Everyone in full costume staring us down!

Yea sure they have foam swords, but imagine taking a light stand wrapping it in 2 inches of foam and then hitting yourself in the face with it. Still not a fun time.

I believe this guy was death.

And if you think that this kind of battle is for the faint of heart let me remind you that some of the people here have studied the art of combat long enough to mess you up with a broomstick if they should so choose!

Check out NERO at their website:

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