Punta Cana Vacation!

 I just got back from a real vacation with my lady!
In the Dominican Republic there is a slice of oblivion!
 And when you walk outside...
The lenses fog up.
But it sure is pretty! So we put down the camera and just relaxed.
 And there's swim up bars!
This was my favorite place. The pool.
And pretty flowers!

 Then we went to Saona Island!
 Kat loving being on a boat.
 The catamaran ride to the island was scenic!

 Waist high in the Caribbean and all of us soaked in rum, Kat quickly gathered awesome people to share the day with! Stev and Tiffany, Katie, Kat, and Ryan
 This island is what we were looking for all along.
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 I think we all cut our feet up on coral. :)
 On the way back from the island we stopped at the "National Swimming Pool" to pickup starfish and drink more rum.

 And after all that excitement a relax in the pool was in store and then a movie with my sweetie!
And just for good measure I took a family portrait for one of the cutest families in the resort!

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