100909 CIGAR FEST 09!

This is my good friend Matt, a two time war vet and all around nice guy (and also the other half of a fantastic couple with Brit) . Last friday he suggested a joint venture to Kanak india for dinner then (with his portable humidor) back to my house for fine cigars and wine!

The process...

Here's me looking ok considering I am allergic to smoke too (since you don't inhale I thought it would be ok, plus the wife likes cigars... who knew?). Most of the time I looked like this....

Looking awesome as always.

Summary: The next morning I woke up thinking I ate poo. I even brushed my teeth and tongue the night before after Matt warned me. No avail. Also my living room as a really odd smell that kinda freaks me out. Cigars... good for some not me. I prefer a fine sushi or wine! And I still think Matt and Brit are great friends.

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