042810 David Ziser's Spring Master's Class

One of the many hi-lights of my week was being a coach for the incredibly awesome David Ziser's Spring Digital Master's Class. Not only did I meet other local photographers whom I personally admire, but I got to meet about 30 really awesome new photography friends!

Coaches: David (of course), Stephen Easley of Easley Blessed Photography, Craig Weiglein of Mansion Hill Studios, and Jim Fausz from Photographic Imaging Consultants.

This lovely young lady is Leonora (I hope I got that right!)

Two of my favorite guys from the class helping with the lighting setup for the shot above.

This class is one of the country's most informative portrait seminars. People fly in from all over the world to get this level of one-on-one personal instruction from some of the most talented photographers in the Tri-state area.
Don't believe me, Ask them (I hope you don't mind the promotion friends):
Michael Fisher of Timberhill Studios (Check out that opening image on their website)
Leon Egozi of Egozi Photography (Check out Leon's blog)
Donald Race of Bayside Studios (don't miss the gallery image of Don's Jet you can see into the cockpit!)
I would have listed more photographers, but somehow that's all the cards I managed to acquire. :(

These are a few of the shots that my fellow photographers and I set up to practice the fine art of wedding photography during this intensive 4 day event!

Among the myriads of techniques during the seminar, I thought this was pretty neat. This portrait is lit by a reflector shining the full sun over 60 feet away!

Pretty neat and CHEAP!

Here's more of me attempting to use the sun as a second light during the class.

One of the photogs, John Wattenbarger and I really liked the fairy tale/magazine cover aspect of this shot. Don't miss his website either, he's already posted his images from the class!

Here's Natalie at another of the class' many scenic locations, Drees Pavilion in Devou Park in Kentucky. No time to "floof the dress" while setting up some poses and settings for the class! Ooops! Don't forget to do that for your clients!

Another super highlight was meeting Jessica Bruzzi from B&H (see the lovely lady leaping in that link).

Here's Mr. Egozi assisting classmates with the lighting of these amazing shots.

Thinking you might like David Ziser's Digital Master's Class?
If you are interested, give Jennifer a call at 800.292.2994 to reserve your seat. I hope to see you in the fall.

Hey everybody I missed, send me your info and I'll post that too!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Nicholas! I've never used a reflector at such a distance... I'll have to play with that. Brian F.

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Nice post! Your photos are awesome and you have great knowledge about the Master courses photography

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