052910 Pyramid Hill Photowalk!

I met local photographer Bob Rohrbaugh at David Ziser's last Master's Class and we became fast friends. Bob is a terrific presence around subjects, very calming and soothing (unlike my chaotic stuttering).

(Totally natural light used in this image no flashes)
When he suggested we go to Pyramid Hill (sculpture park) in Ross Ohio I said "What day?!?"

This is Bob's beautiful daughter Abby she and Allyx (below) were gracious enough to be our models for the day.

The group was Bob and his lovely wife Beth, Abby, Allyx, the unstoppable Trevor Sears, and Terri and I. It was almost too much fun.

Turns out acres of sculptures are really great places for portraits. Also, 3 hours. Not going to cover much ground. Every inch of the park is perfect. I really suggest checking it out sometime.

Here's Bob's setup of a jumping shot just pre-jump.

Another one of the cool sculptures.

I'm not very good at high key, so this was my attempt. Any suggestions?

The wonderful Ms. Terri.

This is Mr. Rohrbaugh himself!

We had a great time and tried out a bunch of cool ideas.

It was hot, but a great day!!!

Abby and Allyx were some of the best models I have worked with in a while. Very energetic and lively and were having fun (that's the best part)!

Then we happened upon this pioneer castle/house thing and it screamed "Take a picture of Trevor!"

You didn't see many pictures of Trevor above because, while he's a really fun guy to be around, flowers and sunshine aren't really his thing. I thought this was, however.

Had he only known to bring a sword...

We get out and have photowalks all the time. If you are interested in getting out and learning contact me!

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