043010 Joe's Senior Session

Joe is a really great guy. Totally relaxed and easy going.

This was in some one's yard in Morrow Ohio. When you see a background like THIS you have to use it. (We were only in 20 steps by the way. No trespassing charges for us!)

We had a sort of interesting first encounter actually. Joe and his mom contacted me for some speedy last minute yearbook photos. Turns out Joe is so hardcore that he keeps breaking his nose on the gridiron. (Don't even ask what the other guy looked like) Joe had just enough time to heal before the deadline for yearbook submission.

No side effects though, he's still very handsome.

I wanted to get a portrait of Joe with only the river in the background, but I had no way to elevate myself on the river bank, so I took this photo with my 24-105 zoomed at 90 mm holding the camera over my head and guessing. Not too bad, huh? It took 4 tries, but it's clear and framed well!

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