042010 Sun Cemetery Shot and Miranda (misc)

So on the way out to Little Miami HS there is this really cool looking old structure in this cemetery. On our way out to Kasey's bonfire the sun was in the perfect position to do a portrait. The total lighting setup for this was one 580 EXII gelled red on the floor of the (what turned out to be a filthy) outhouse. I mean two things, 1. The sun was my key light, and 2. Who's gonna poo while at the cemetery? Honestly?

(Position of the sun)
Either way, this is just one of a series of instructional images about how to use the sun as your second or even sometimes key light for portrait photography. Check back soon!

Another of my series of free environmental portraits. This former-student-of-my-beautiful-art-teacher-wife's name is Miranda and she is a very talented painter (among other things). Terri and I have a very cool painting by Miranda hanging in our bedroom!
Check out the lighting for this shot where I used a handkerchief as the diffuser!

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