052210 Family Weekend

They say it's the house painters house that's never painted (or some such nonsense). And after not being in contact with my wonderful family for a while I thought it was a great opportunity use the ultra fast portrait style I've been doing to preserve the day!

This is my mom's parents. Both wonderful people with great sense of humor. We spend most of our conversations laughing. My grandfather is a purple heart recipient and World War II veteran.

This is my beautiful Grandma V. She was born in 1914 in Lithuania. She has been quite an inspiration in my life. I try to talk to her once a week as I do with all the family I can.
(sorry guys :)

These of course are my wonderful parents. I love you guys. :)
Thanks for putting up with me!
Especially when I really stunk at the drums for 5 years.
I bet that was fun!

(All of these photos were taken with a single 580EXII on a stand shot through an umbrella.)

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Travis Forbear said...

Just a quick question: Do you use a spot meter or use the camera's internal meter? Your shots always seem so well balanced.