052310 Stacey's Magical Portrait Shoot

This is our friend Stacey. He's a Senior at Wilmington High School, plays trombone, likes magic, is an actor, and among other things has a really nice sense of style.

(I'm not going to give away the secret here, but this is a single "Photoshop-ed" image.)
Stacey came to Terri and I a while ago but at the time scheduling conflicts kept getting in the way. Finally last Friday everything came together for a magical shoot.

We got to try out some totally new locations, and Stacey was a perfect model.

Find amazing locations and take your subjects there!

We had a great time talking about future plans and theater performances that day. Thanks again Stacey!

(This image was created by placing a 580 behind Stacey's wand.)
I wanted to make this look Harry Potter-esque.

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