Waterfall Shoot with James Hollenberg!

This Monday The PhotoMentorGroup & I got a BIG treat hanging out with my Friend James Hollenberg and Lisa, KT, Angie, and Kyle at Sharon Woods for a waterfall shoot!
A while back James suggested we head to Sharon Woods to scout for new locations, that turned into a rocking waterfall shoot. 
Our models were amazing and I just followed James around copying his awesome ideas :)

Seriously, this was a fantastic opportunity for our facebook community to check out an unusual setting for some amazing shots! 
We tried out all types of lighting and waterfall settings.
We even took the chance of fish nibbling at our toes for some "in depth" images!

This was a great time learning with some really great people! Thanks James, Angie, KT, Lisa, Kyle, Michael, and Kaitlin, Taylor, and Suzi too!! This rocked!

The amazing KT.

This was one fabulous shoot! Special thanks to James Hollenberg for setting it up and the models of course and Michael Zero for stopping by!

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