The Best Friends!

 I really enjoy Sundays because that's the day I put together a set of photos, a pictorial story (if you will), to try to relate the amazing events I get to witness with many many great people. So it is with great pleasure I bring you the wedding of Tim and Susan Friend!
I like these images quite a lot. This wedding was intimate and I tried really hard to capture the subtlety. 
In between greeting gusts and last minute preparations, we stole Tim away to take some natural light portraits at his piano. 
Then we caught up with the beautiful Susan putting on finishing touches. 
 (available light and 580 off ceiling)
And hid Tim away to take some beautiful portraits of her in the front room!
This wonderful wedding was extra special because I invited one of my dear friends from back in high school, youth portrait photographer, Jane Bettis to join the photographic festivities! It was great catching up and capturing the moments! 
Tim and Susan had their ceremony in a place very special to them, their backyard! The arch was tucked away between their garden, the pond, and their pool :)  
Plus... the Wedding was on their 10 year anniversary of dating!

 Once the ceremony was over and we photographed the couple in their favorite hammock it was on to the reception where Atmospheric Productions provided a really amazing experience! From great music that everyone could enjoy to all the spectacular lighting you see here Atmospheric Production's William and Mary were GREAT! (Lighiting is included in their packages and they brought a photo booth too!) Give them a call!
 Consequently, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!
Especially Tim and Susan!

And thank you Jane!
Thank you Atmospheric Productions!

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