and the Future!

I am totally in love with this new app called!!! My good friend Eric Cameron and I were talking about a comment our friend Lou Freeman said at the PPN convention recently. "The future of photography is motion." That really struck a chord in us, so Eric got to work creating a PhotoMentorGroup video that will be posted later on our Fanpage! Then he found!
 I'm no stranger to gifs I have been making them for years, but they were always really hard to set up and the processing took forever. Plus the file sizes and loading speeds were ridiculous! has fixed all that! 
 This app is a simple couple of clicks and swipes and it has some not-yet-cliche filters to apply to the gif!
The dog was obviously thrilled. You can even use videos you've previously shot on your phone which means 
One downside is the file size, pretty dinky. And gifs by nature are pretty low quality. Also the results are jittery if you can't hold perfectly still
However that didn't stop me from from pulling off some attempts with our amazing couple Abby and Nick yesterday!!!!
Even with all the faults creating these magical images is just flat out a great idea! I can't wait to get more of my clients involved!

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