Remembering the Explosive Wedding Growth Seminar - Orlando

 I just got in from PPN Louisville but before I upload all those amazing images I wanted to take a moment to give everyone the information of some of the really awesome attendees of the Explosive Wedding Growth for the New Economy class so we can all network and grow our businesses! Eric Cameron and I had an unbelievable time running through the Florida sun with the whole class and we can't thank you enough for having us!
(Cameron Creative)
First and foremost we have to thank John and Susan Francis the amazing hosts with Catch Light Studios (Blog) and Harmon School of Photography in fabulous Orlando! They were the hosts with the most! We couldn't have asked for a more hospitable organization! THANK YOU X10!

And some of our students that responded to the Explosive Wedding Growth facebook group with their contact information! Keep tabs on them all! I sure will be! Some really awesome stuff!

Deborah Evans Neukam Burke - A fabulous composer and keen photog -
Karen Delaney Gardner - An awesome eye with a "go get em" attitude -
Tim Smith - You just got to check this guy out! -
Richard S. Ropog - Up and Comer and entrepreneur - Richard S. Ropog
Ron Caimano - The Magic Man! -

And as Always you can find Eric and I at and

And I'm sorry for leaving others out, but I wasn't able to get your links! Please sent me an email and I'll add them immediately! 

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