Photo Pro Network Summer School Recap!

Eric Cameron and I could barely be more happy about the Photo Pro Network Summer School! Our Creative Speed Lighting workshop was a smash! Don't take that from us, the class gave it 23, 4 and 5 Star Ratings! We also received a 5 star rating for our shootout! 

 The instruction was fantastic (even if I was a bit like a squirrel on speed),
But the real fun came when we put the theory into action to demonstrate these lessons in a real-world scenario!
 This was the coveted Red Wall. :)

  This was a truly amazing and inspiring seminar series! There was everything from Marketing, to High Fashion, to CS6 with our good friend Jason Lykins, to Seniors, Weddings, and Lighting! There was no photographic business stone left un-turned!
(Setup for this shot by my friend Larry)
It also gave be a great opportunity to show some of my editing techniques and how to plan ahead! 

 The models were AMAZING! Big thanks to Rosemary and Tamara!

FYI - We will be putting on this workshop again in the Cincinnati area! Email me if you are interested!

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