Photo Pro Network Summer School!

Who says summer school can't be fun!?!

July 14th & 15th are in full session with Photo Pro Network's Summer School!

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to raise the level of your Photography and just as importantly your photo business!
Last time was simply amazing with some of the biggest names in professional photography and this Summer School edition is no exception!
The amount of information in this weekend will be immense, I can guarantee it, I'll be there presenting a speed light clinic, with Eric Cameron, that can give you the ability to create dynamic lighting environments anywhere at any time! 

We're also going to be your photo guides on Saturday's model shootout for some tremendous portfolio building experiences!

And we're just one! Also don't miss Jason Lykins' CS6 reveal to unlock all the crazy new secrets in Adobe's latest Creative Suite!

If you miss this you will be sorry!

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