Most awesome news ever! Just got the images finished from the Church of Rock Shoot! 
Super big thanks to Teddy, Craig Weiglein from Mansion Hill Studios, KT, and Holly Angel! 
Many of you may remember this awesome church from Foxy Shazam's "I like it!" video (partially safe for work)
This place has been the scene of some serious ROCKING!  
So Craig and I made sure not to disappoint the Gods of Rock with our shoot!
 To begin with KT was great! She has the best attitude ever!
 Plus, the whole building is a dream for photographers!
Everywhere we turned there was a perfect location to try out something new! 
(F1.4, 50mm, 1/80th of a second, list with two 580exII -one key and one rim)
 For this shoot I exclusively shot with two 580 EXII speedlights on stands and one 19" umbrella.
And this beautiful actress is my cousin, Holly Angel! 
 Holly has all the right moves and brings her sense of style to even the most rundown of settings!

It was hard not to take a great photo of her! 
(F 2.2, 50mm, 30th of a second lit with two 580s)
 This place was absolutely a wonderland!
You might remember KT from our waterfall shoot a few months ago. 
 KY is not only beautiful but brilliant as well. Craig said it best when he said "This is one of the only times I've been on a model shoot where the conversation ended up on Einstein's theory of general relativity." 
 We really had a blast in the Church of Rock!
After a few hours of nonstop rocking... 
 Everyone was getting a little tired (and overcome by allergies)!
Overall, outstanding day with great friends! 

If you are interested in hearing more about ways to use your speedlights for some awesome lighting contact me about our Creative Speedlighting Workshop October 14th at Mansion Hill Studios!

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